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About Multicom

Multicom, Inc. Integrating and Installing Technology

Team Multicom is not just our website, it’s our philosophy. Each member of Team Multicom is empowered to do whatever is needed to make your project a success. Our installation team brings a combination of decades of experience along with extensive training in state-of-the-art low voltage RF technology. Our engineering team holds RCDD and ESS credentials as well as working on a CEDIA certification this year. Our sales team loves a challenge and will find the solution that meets your needs. During office hours, your call is personally answered by our administrative team. We embrace technology while maintaining a personal touch. Our word is our bond and you can trust our handshake.

Experinced Professionals

We bring resources from every corner of technology to make your project a success. We look to our current partners for expertise and consistently train our team of technicians and installers. We consult with the project owner or contractor and carefully review the specs and blueprints. We network with multiple manufacturers and designers to get the solution that is the best fit. Our team of technicians will explain and train where needed.

Improve Functionality

Multicom integrates and installs your technology from blueprint to functionality. We look at the big picture and the details. Does your video wall call for recessed speakers? Do the blueprints allow for access for the media, speakers and components? How far is it from the furthest camera to the security center? Do you need a wireless solution instead of excess cabling? Would you like your alarm system to let you know what time your staff arrived or left?

Our Experience

In our experience, one of the most frustrating things our customers tell us not having one source for the answers to their technology questions. Often they have to deal with multiple technologies that don’t mesh well or aren’t functioning as designed. Multicom integrates alarm and security systems, voice/video/data applications, pool phones, card readers, cable/satellite systems, and more. We present cohesive solutions that work for you. Our customers will tell you how hard we work. We are on time and within budget.

We also understand that not every application requires a latest and greatest state-of-the-art solution. We take pride in finding your solution without overselling.

Our History

Multicom started in 1988 with three guys in a truck installing commercial alarm systems. Through the years, we have become a leader in the broad spectrum of low voltage RF technologies. In over a quarter-century of doing this, we have learned that every project is different in some way. Our commitment is to listen carefully in every phase of the project to provide the best installation.

Versatile and Flexible Installations

Beyond just the mechanics, Multicom is versatile and flexible. We have worked on lottery projects in multiple states. Often sharing many of the same installation challenges, each project still had nuances specific to that state and the equipment they chose. The versatility and ‘can-do’ attitude of everyone on Team Multicom saw each state-wide installation to a successful conclusion.